2018 Graduate Student Research Day


Congratulations to the winners of the poster competition

Arts and Humanities - First Place

MinJi Kim, College of Journalism and Communications - "Insta-Self Journal: How Image-based Contents Motivate Users to Self-Improve on Instagram"

Arts and Humanities - Second Place

Amanda Bradshaw, College of Journalism and Communications - "Propagandizing Anti-Vaccination: Analysis of Vaccines Revealed Documentary Series"


Engineering - First Place

Michael Chang, College of Engineering - "Fast Robotic Soft Matter 3D Printing"

Engineering - Second Place

Mingshuo Li, College of Engineering - "The Surface Finishing of Biodegradable Stents"

Health and Life Sciences - First Place

Kyle Dyson, College of Medicine - "Identifying Antigens for Medulloblastoma Immunotherapy"

Health and Life Sciences - Second Place

Lukas Kovar, College of Pharmacy - "Clinical Predictors of Variability in Response to Clopidogrel Treatment after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)"

Physical Sciences and Mathematics - First Place

Frank Moore, College of Design, Construction, and Planning - "Exploring Virtual and Mixed Reality Applications for Construction Safety"

Physical Sciences and Mathematics - Second Place

Sourabh Mishra, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - "Facile Tuning of Atropisomeric P,N-Ligands For Enantioselective Catalysis"

Social and Behavioral Sciences - First Place

Shubam Sharm, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - "Access to Community Resources Associated with Lower Risk-Outcome Associations among Adolescents"

Social and Behavioral Sciences - Second Place

Carly Logan, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - "Infusion of oxytocin into the nucleus accumbens core decreases cued cocaine seeking and increases extracellular glutamate